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Laravel Named Routes

Laravel Named Routes

05th February 2021 1 min read
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I was working on the project and had almost completed it, by then all the sudden my manager told to change the URL prefixes of a few modules of the project. I was searching for routes and replacing them manually. It was a pain in the ass to go and change in all the places.

Then I came across Laravel Named Routes and how it saved me and will save me in future from this kind of situation too.

Named routes allow you to generate URLs without being coupled to the actual URL defined on the route.

Web.php / Api.php

The normal way of adding the routes

Route::get('/auth/login', [AuthController::class, 'login']);

Laravel Named Route

Route::get('/auth/login', [AuthController::class, 'login'])->name('login');

Usage In Blade Template

Instead of

{{ url('/auth/login') }}

You now do the following way with named routes

{{ route('/auth/login') }}

URL Parameters

Old Way

Route::post('/payments/payment-success/{event}', [PaymentController::class, 'store']);

Named Route

Route::post('/payments/payment-success/{event}', [PaymentController::class, 'store'])->name('payment-success');

Usage In Blade

Old Way

{{ url('payments/payment-success/' . $event->id) }}

Named Route

{{ route('payments/payment-success', ['event' => $event->id]) }}

Multiple Parameters


Route::get('/post/{post}/comment/{comment}', [PostController::class, 'show'])->name('');


{{ route('', ['post' => 1, 'comment' => 3]) }}


GET Parameters

route('', ['post' => 1, 'search' => 'rocket']);


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