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Laravel Clear Cache Of Route, View, Config Command | StackCoder

Laravel Clear Cache Of Route, View, Config Command

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Most of the time you may end up refreshing your view pages or adding new routes but it won't be accessible from the user browser. It's all because of caching that Laravel does for us.

In this article let's see how to clear Laravel application cache, routes, views & configs caches in a very simple way.

Topics that we will cover

  1. A simple command in Laravel 7 & Above
  2. Application Cache Clearing
  3. Route Cache Clearing
  4. View Cache Clearing
  5. Config Cache Clearing
  6. Clear All Caches Using Simple Callback URL
  7. Clear All Caches Using Custom Command

Single Command In Laravel 7 & Above

In Laravel 8 you can run the following command and breath easily.

php artisan optimize:clear

Laravel 6 & below

Application Cache Clearing

Flush the application cache

php artisan cache:clear

Route Cache Clearing

Remove the route cache file

php artisan route:clear

View Cache Clearing

Clear all compiled view files

php artisan view:clear

Config Cache Clearing

Remove the configuration cache file

php artisan config:clear

Clear All Caches Using Simple Callback URL In web.php

We can create a simple callback URL in web.php to clear all the caches at a stretch

Route::get('/clear-all-cache', function() {
  echo "Cleared all caches successfully.";

Clear All Caches Using Custom Command

Let's create a simple command utility so that we can use it as and when required from the command line.

Create ClearAllCache Command

php artisan make:command ClearAllCache

ClearAllCache.php command class


namespace App\Console\Commands;

use Illuminate\Console\Command;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Artisan;

class ClearAllCache extends Command
    protected $signature = 'cache:clear-all';

    protected $description = 'Command to clear application, route, view & config caches';
    public function handle()
        echo "Cleared all caches successfully.";

You can verify the above command using the following in the console

php artisan


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