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Securely SSH Your Server & Push Files With FileZilla

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Gone are the days where we used to use username/ip_address and password to access your remote server with FileZilla and push the files to remote server.

In current trends SSH is the key to add an extra layer of security to your servers.


If you don't have FileZilla software then you can download it from this URL Download FileZilla

If your not sure how to setup SSH keys then you can follow these articles:

How To Generate SSH Key with ssh-keygen In Linux / Unix

Managing Multiple GIT Key Pairs Or Account In The Same Computer

Step 1 - Open FileZilla & Creating New Site

Once you have downloaded the software from the above URL, open it by double clicking.

New Site -> (Left Panel) Add Your Site Name -> (Right Panel) General

FileZilla New Connection, New Site

FileZilla New Connection, New Site

Protocol - SFTP SSH File Transfer Protocol

By default FTP will be selected, select SFTP from dropdown as you want to securely connect to your server.

Host -

Add your website domain name or ip_address, for example I am using

Port - 22

This is your server default SSH port. Unless you have configured something else in your server keep it the same.

Login Type - Key File

Since we want to connect it via SSH key files generated ie id_rsa, so that it will be more secure.

User - stackcoder

By default it will be root most of the time, since I have made initial server setup I have created user with name stackcoder.

Key File - id_rsa

Usually you will connect with id_rsa file which will be in ~/.ssh/ folder.

Background Colour (Optional) - Select Colour

This is optional, just if you want to segregate the testing and production environment

Comments (Optional) - Comment

Write some comments for your follow up or notes purpose.

Once you fill the above details your FileZilla will look like the following

FileZilla Credentials Filled

FileZilla Credentials Filled

NOTE: This may prompt to create private key with .ppk file extension. Just select the location and add name of the file.
FileZilla On Create Asks To Create .PPK File

FileZilla On Create Asks To Create .PPK File

After filling the above once you click connect. Check mark I always trust to make sure for the next and subsequent connection it wont prompt you ssh pass phrase like in the following

FileZilla Trust Host Prompt | Please Tick Mark Checkbox

FileZilla Trust Host Prompt | Please Tick Mark Checkbox

On successful connection you will be able to see you local laptop or computer files on the left side and your remote server files on your right side as in the following file

FileZilla Successful SSH Server Connection

FileZilla Successful SSH Server Connection

Just pull the files from the left project folder and push it to the required folder on the right side. Make sure to select Local Site & Remote Site path


I think the article was really helpful for you. I highly suggest you to move on and use some kind of version control system like GIT, SVN, MERCURIAL. As per my preference I highly suggest you take a look at GIT.

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