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PHP Built-In Web Server & Testing Your Development Project In Mobile Without Any Software

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In this article, you will learn how to start the PHP built-in web server. How to connect to your computer to mobile hotspot and test your PHP project from your computer in a mobile browser.

Step 1 - Setup Local Working PHP Project

For the sake of demonstration I have created testserver as PHP project inside htdocs folder. You might be creating inside /var/www/html depending on software you use in your computer. You might be having working project

Step 2 - Create index.php & Add Code For Testing

Now in my testserver project folder I have created index.php and added the following code in it

echo 'Local Web Development Testing!';

NOTE: If your using any framework like LARAVEL / SYMFONY which points to public folder then don't loose hopes I have even covered in this article, please continue reading

Step 3 - Connect Your Laptop To Mobile Hotspot

Now turn on your mobile hotspot and connect your laptop to it. I use ( Android ) Redmi Note phone and you can find the hotspot enabling option with the following, this will mostly remain same for other devices too

i. Settings -> Portable Hotspot ->Portable Hotspot ( Turn On By Clicking Switch Button )

ii. Click On Setup Portable Hotspot -> Set SSID & PASSWORD

Your all set to share & connect your hotspot with SSID & PASSWORD

Step 4 - Check IP Address Of Your Laptop

After connecting your laptop to mobile hotspot. Go to your terminal and type the following command





You will see the ip address allocated to your laptop there, for example mine is shown in the following image

IP Address Of Laptop After Connecting To Phone Hotspot

IP Address Of Laptop After Connecting To Phone Hotspot

Step 5 - Start Your PHP Built In Server From Step 4 IP Address

Now go to your PHP project folder ie testserver from the terminal and run the following command to turn on the PHP built in server.

sudo php -S

If you have any specific path like public folder in you use LARAVEL to start with then use -t parameters as follows

sudo php -S -t public

Here we are using the same IP Address as that of my laptop got assigned after connecting to mobile hotspot in Step 3. And I want it to get connected with port 80 by default

You will get the following success output after running the above command

Plain PHP Output

sudo php -S


PHP 7.2.21 Development Server started at Sat Apr 25 13:34:56 2020

Listening on

Document root is /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/testserver

Press Ctrl-C to quit.

[Sat Apr 25 13:35:11 2020] [200]: /

Laravel Project With Public Folder

sudo php -S -t public
PHP 7.2.21 Development Server started at Sat Apr 25 13:40:13 2020
Listening on
Document root is /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/stackcoder/public
Press Ctrl-C to quit.

Now your application is ready to be access with URL. No need to add port 80 as its the default port for HTTP. You can test the same in your laptop before going to your phone browser.

Step 6 - Testing In Your Mobile Browser

Now go to your phone browser and open the URL you will be able to see the application developed as shown in the following image

Plain PHP Project

Plain PHP Project Image

Plain PHP Project Image

Laravel Project Which Points To Public Folder

Larvel Project

Larvel Project


Hope this article helped you. You might be interested in my other articles

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