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How To Push Files To CPanel / Remote Server using FTP Software FileZilla

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Hey there! I am back again with simple FileZilla FTP software. If you are a newbie and have access to your CPanel or Server and want to push files to remote server or cpanel public folder and finding it really difficult to do so, then this is a custom made article for you.


If you don't have FileZilla software then you can download it from this URL Download FileZilla

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NOTE: For security reasons you have to upgrade yourself and start using the most secured way to push your files. Wondering how? Don't worry I have written an article for you How To Securely SSH Your Server & Push Files With FileZilla.

Step 1 - Open FileZilla & Create New Site

Once you have downloaded the software from the above URL, open it by double clicking.

New Site -> (Left Panel) Add Your Site Name -> (Right Panel) General

FileZilla FTP New Site Page

FileZilla FTP New Site Page

Protocol - FTP File Transfer Protocol

From dropdown please select FTP option as we are gonna connect to basic FTP Protocol connection.

Host - Website name / IP Address

Add website name or ip address of your website where you want to connect to push the files

Port (Optional)- [21]

By default the port will be 21 for FTP connection. Don't make any changes unless you changed port configurations in your server.

Encryption - Use Explicit FTP Over TLS if Available

Select this Use Explicit FTP Over TLS if Available option from dropdown.

Logon Type - Normal

Select Normal from dropdown as we want to authenticate just with username & password for normal login types

User - Credentials

This is your server username which you would have got when you purchase Hosting space from GoDaddy/Hostgator etc.

Password - Credentials

This is your server password which you would have got when you purchase Hosting space GoDaddy/Hostgator etc.

Background Colour (Optional) - Select Colour

This is optional, just if you want to segregate the testing and production environment

Comments (Optional) - Comment

Write some comments for your follow up or notes purpose.

Once you fill the above details it will look like the following image

FileZilla FTP Connection | Credentials Filled

FileZilla FTP Connection | Credentials Filled

Step 2 - Connect To Your Server

Once you follow the step 1 correctly and click on Connect button then you will be successfully connected.

It may ask you any prompt to save for future connect the checkmark the box and click ok.

Now you will be able to see the following screen after connection

FileZilla FTP Successful Connected

FileZilla FTP Successful Connected

Now you can push you local files to your server files by just dragging from left side to right side. Make sure to open the proper files and folder before doing so.


In this article you learned how to do simple FTP connection. But I highly recommend to switch to secure SSH connection with FileZilla. I have written an article on it have a look

How To Securely SSH Your Server & Push Files With FileZilla

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Hope it help you. Happy Coding :)

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