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Securely Connect Server MYSQL DB From Sequel Pro / MYSQL Workbench

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I hope you guys have setup remote server connection from computer / laptop with SSH connection. If you want to learn more on setting up SSH connections then go through my articles

How To Generate SSH Key with ssh-keygen In Linux / Unix

Managing Multiple GIT Key Pairs Or Account In The Same Computer

And I believe that you have Sequel Pro / MYSQL Workbench or similar software with SSH connectivity feature. If not then download form the following URL's

Sequel Pro - Download SequelPro

MYSQL Workbench - Download MySQL Workbench

Step 1 - Open your MYSQL Client

I will give demo with Sequel Pro MYSQL Client. The process will remain same across multiple softwares.

For the first time when you open your SSH client you will see it like the following image

Default Sequel Pro Quick Connect -> SSH

Default Sequel Pro Quick Connect -> SSH


NAME - StackCoder

You project name or anything by which you can easily identify when you open you client


Since you want a secure connection no need to give BIND IP-ADDRESS or no need to create new user in you server mysql and grant him admin privileges.

USERNAME - testinguser

This is your server MYSQL database username. For the sake of demo I have written as testinguser.

PASSWORD - ******

You remote server MYSQL database password. This is the one which will be create while creating the database. Add your password

DATABASE (OPTIONAL) - [I have left empty]

If you have one 1 database and want to connect it by default then add the name of your database. Else don't fill so that you can connect to any database you need in later part.

PORT (OPTIONAL) - [3306]

Your default port is 3306, since mine too is 3306 so no need to add it, if you have setup the MYSQL in your remote server on any other port then better change this


Your remote server domain name or ip address anything is fine.

SSH USER - stackcoder

I have secured my server with some simple security and have disabled root user access because of security concerns. But you can use root user.

Just in case if you really want to look into this and want to secure your server then you can follow my another article on it How To Do Basic Server Security Setup For Ubuntu / Linux.

SSH PASSWORD - / id_rsa file

As I had said earlier too that having your SSH password is very bad idea. So first test with file if you face any issues then try with id_rsa file.

These files usually resides in ~/.ssh/ folder


No need to add unless you have change in your server.

Now once you fill all your details then you will be able to see it like the following

Sequel Pro SSH Fields Filled

Sequel Pro SSH Fields Filled

Step 2 - Test Connection & Save Connect For Future Use

Once you follow the above steps you will get simply connected. But instead of clicking Connect, click on Test Connection. If it succeeds the click on Add To Favourites so that it will save in you left sidebar for future connections very easily.


Now you know how to connect securely to your remote server make sure to check out my other articles for securing your server

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